Bookmarks gone after update

After update have all my bookmarks gone!!! How can I recover?

Which version did you update from? Do you have sync enabled on earlier version?

cc: @GeetaSarvadnya can you try it on your device?

@sriram Issue isn’t reproducible in my device. I have upgraded brave from 1.6.1-rc5 to 1.6.2, bookmarks are retained after upgrade. I can see bookmarks in 1.6.2 after upgrade.

Tested on Android Samsung Galaxy j3 version 5.1.1


I also didn’t lose any bookmarks when I upgraded. However, being the lazy coward I am, I exported my bookmarks to a file before upgrading, just in case…

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I beleave I had last version before this one. I didnt check, because I didnt have such problem before. What means to have sync enabled? To have Qr code generated with data about my Brave browser? I have this, thow I use Brave only on my mobile android system. I tried to use this code in the shape of groupe of words, but when Ive pasted those words where have been demanded, it said there was too few words!?

Sorry, is it possible to export bookmarks? Ive thought its not.

Yes it is possible to both export and import bookmarks.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, there are three horizontal lines; click on them.

In the menu that dropped down, click on Settings. That will open a new tab.

In the new tab, up near the top, click on Bookmarks.

Under the maginfying glass near the upper right hand corner, there is a little box with three dots; click on that.

In the menu that drops down, you will find entries for Import Bookmarks and Export Bookmarks; click on Import Bookmarks (duh).

In the window that pops up, pick or make a place to save them to, then click on Save at the lower right corner of the window.

You can import a save bookmarks file by repeating these instructions and cliking on Import Bookmarks instead.

Sorry, no horizontal lines here. And under settings, theres no “bookmarks”. As I said, Im talking about Brave for Android!

Oopsie! My mistake. Sorry.

@LadyFitzgerald The steps you provided are for desktop. @Mcomp is having issues with Android. We don’t have bookmark export/import feature on Mobile.

@Mcomp am not sure I understand what you said about QR code? Can you please elaborate as to what you have tried?

Can you please tell me, what means “to have sync enabled”?

If you open settings and then scroll down to Advanced and select settings which of these screen shows up?

  1. If you see this screen that means sync is not enabled
  2. If you see this screen that means sync is enabled

You mean “advanced” and then “sync”? The second one!

Now how to get bookmarks back?

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