Bookmarks from IE11 Favorities bar missing


Dear Braves,

Using Brave 0.15.310 on Windows 7, I imported my Favorites from IE11 into the Bookmarks Bar. The Favorites were all imported successfully, save for the ones in the IE11 Favorites Bar itself, which do not appear in the “Imported from IE” drop-down menu in Brave. In IE11, the Favorites Bar contents appear listed among the Favorites under a “Favorites Bar” folder, but not in Brave.

  1. Is there a way to include the links in the Favorites Bar into the imported Bookmarks in Brave?

  2. Is there a way to copy the links in the Favorites Bar in IE11 to the Bookmarks Bar in Brave that does not involve doing them one by one? Drag-and-drop does not seem to work.

Thank you for you help.




I have same problem. Windows 10. Imported IE11 bookmarks. My favorites are listed in the bookmarks as “Links”.
How to get my favorites appear at the top of browser just like they do in IE11?


@F_D @dcortez Could you please check on the latest version. I see all the bookmarks imported from IE to Brave inside a folder.

@dcortez You will have to manually move the bookmarks and folder to top level bookmarks folder.


Dear sriram,

            I have repeated the process with Brave 0.18.23 and the IE11 “Favorites Bar” links do NOT appear in the “Imported from IE” folder.

            Also, how do you “manually move the bookmarks” in Brave?




@F_D You will have to go to bookmark manager and then move the folders and multiselect the bookmarks into toolbar. Unfortunately this is the only method to put everything on the toolbar


Dear sriram,

I found the Bookmark Manager and moved the bookmarks around. It turns out the IE11 Favorites in the Favorites Bar are saved in a folder called "Links" when you import them to Brave, rather than keeping the original name "Favorites Bar".

Sadly I have found another problem after doing this: if you have folders in the Bookmarks Toolbar, you can expand them (drop-down menu) and click on any bookmark inside, but if you have folders within folders you cannot; clicking on the inside folder does not expand it, but does nothing.