Bookmarks from Chrome?


How can one easily import bookmarks from Chrome?


Hi @Cynthia,

On desktop, you can do this via hamburger menu (3 dots at top right) > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data. Please make sure Chrome is closed when you try to import your browser data.



not available in mobile app but I’ll try the desktop version next.


Ah, yeah. It’s not available on mobile version. But the team is working on Sync on mobile. In the future you can import your browser data on Brave desktop then synced it to mobile. Maybe that can help if sync is done and implemented. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to multiple select bookmarks and bookmark folders (in addition to sorting)? Also, I can’t seem to scroll down a large list within a bookmark folder?

Multiple select bookmarks and bookmark folders

You can select multiple bookmarks in Bookmarks Manager. Use Ctrl+Shift+O or three dots menu > Bookmarks > Bookmarks… to open the manager.

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