Bookmarks Editing VERY Slow


Using Brave 0.18.14 on newest Macbook with MacOS 10.12.5. Doing ANY editing of bookmarks has a VERY slow keyboard response - like 5-10 seconds before keystrokes or mouse click echos on the screen. Also when changing folders in Bookmark edit window it takes 20-30 sec for the selected folder to show and sometimes it simply forgets the folder choice and the new bookmark shows on the Bookmark menu line. Clicking Done button also pauses for quite a while before closing the window.

Another quirk is that sometimes when you create a new sub-folder using the Bookmark Edit window, it creates multiple new folders with the same name - sometimes 5 or more.

Seems to get worse the longer the browser is open (loaded in memory) suggesting a memory leak, but this might be subjective of me.

Brave Browser freezes when trying to add a new bookmark or folder in the bookmarks
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Hi @WarrenK

We are aware of bookmark performance issues, especially when a user has a large number of bookmarks. Some specific bookmark performance improvements are slated for some upcoming releases which I believe will address some of your issues:

Additionally, there is a general bookmark performance tracking issue here:

Thank you for reporting and for your feedback. Please continue to reach out with issues and/or feature requests.



actually this is a duplicate of Creating bookmarks takes a LONG time!

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