Bookmarks duplication in search results that aren't actual 'duplicates'

I’ve noticed that many apparent duplications of bookmarks in search results (in Bookmark Manager) are not actually duplicates.

When I check their “Show in folder” locations they only appear once in those folders – even though the search results suggest there are multiple instances of the same bookmarks in a single folder.

Why do they appear as duplicates in ‘search results’?

aren’t they the same bookmark in different folders? then it’s normal to see it multiple times in the search results.

@tortino No. When I check the locations (by selecting them one by one and then clicking on ‘Show in folder’), they are all displayed as being in the same folder.

But when I open the folder, there is only one instance of the bookmark.

I just want to confirm that this is still happening.

From a bookmarks search I just ran, three instances of the same webpage were returned. They were all tagged as being in the same folder by ‘Show in folder.’

When I opened the folder, there was only one instance of the URL.

does it happens in a new profile?

I haven’t tried that. Aren’t bookmarks specific to each profile?
In other words, wouldn’t I have to start saving new bookmarks in the other profile just to see whether the same happened?

I want to keep this topic alive because I doubt it’s only happening to me, though it may go unnoticed by people who don’t have many (or any) duplicate bookmarks.

I just ran a search in Bookmark Manager. Five instances of the same URL (identical, no variation) turned up as results. Of these, three were shown (under “Show in folder”) as being in one bookmark folder and two were shown as being in another bookmark folder.

I opened both of these two bookmark folders. Each of them displayed only one instance of the bookmark.

This is something I’ve been seeing happening repeatedly.

My conclusion: Something is happening in the ‘search’ that is causing a single bookmark to identify multiple instances of itself, even though there is actually only one in each folder in which the search shows the bookmark as being located.

Either that or the duplication (or triplication, etc.) is for some reason not being shown when the folder is opened.

yes, but you can export bookmarks in old profile and import in new profile.
just in case the old profile is somewhat corrupted.

I can’t reproduce this no matter how hard I try. If you delete the “duplicates” and then search, does it bring up the correct results?

@mattches Well… thanks for trying. (You’re on a Mac, right?)

Out of every such multiple duplication (usually that means at least four or five instances appear as search hits), only once have all of the separate instances of the same bookmark pointed to different (discrete) bookmark folders.

I’ll try deleting the duplicates the next time it happens and report back. My guess is that if the duplicates are deleted, leaving only one instance of the bookmark as a search result, a repeat search will then only find one.
. . . . . .
LATER: As expected, following a bookmarks search, of 3 of the same URL displayed as being in the same bookmarks folder – (though when the folder is opened, there is only one bookmark listed) – I deleted 2. I then ran the same search and only one instance was displayed as a search result. Logical but doesn’t solve the problem of why multiples of what is apparently only one actual bookmark are listing from a bookmarks search.

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