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Brave reeeeeeeeeally needs some kind of visual indicator as to where a bookmark will land during the drag & drop process. The current implementation is frustrating to sanity destroying levels.

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There are a healthy number of issues and feature requests on github related to drag and drop:

I think this comes close to what you are requesting:

If you can confirm, then happy to connect your experience with the other tracked requests if possible.



That seems related to tabs. This FR is related to drag & drop for bookmarks. There has to be a visual indicator showing where the bookmark will land when dropping. Trying to organize without that is maddening.

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Ahhh… you’re right. Apologies - thats what happens when you try to help someone out while hopped up on cold medicine. :face_with_thermometer:

Ultimately, a lot of these functional issues have similar complaints across tabs and bookmarks.

So looks like this is for drag and drop with the bookmarks toolbar:

And this is for drag and drop for the bookmarks manager:

And this appears to be a milestone compilation that includes improved indicators for drag and drop within the bookmarks manager:

Again - happy to connect the dots if one fits your issue. I wonder if the conversion to chrome front-end by year end will resolve a lot of these issues.


Yeah, those first two and the same.

I feel like I’m missing something, though. Not sure what the purpose is for connecting these dots. I never use, nor plan to start using, Github.


So first off, I am just an enthusiast, I don’t work with the company.

But the BRAVE developers do want to keep track of everyone’s issues, including yours, so that they can work towards addressing them. The central repository is on github and therefore when issues are posted here one way to pitch in from a community perspective is to help connect, say, your issue with one that is either existing on github or open a new issue to capture it. They can also prioritize issues based on the number of folks who talk about an issue… so it helps to even add a +1 to each existing issue.

Most people don’t want to use github so some of us enthusiast help connect the dots from here to there. That’s all.

Ultimately, your issue appears to be known by the team and you can track it via those links on github if you’d like or at least know that your issue has been logged on github for the development team to address when they can.


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Seems like the latter should cause a change in the former.


The problem is developers working in isolation and developing these off beliefs that are simply confirmation bias towards their own process of working. Yes, Github is a great repository for consolidating requests and bugs etc, but it’s UI is a nightmare for several basic jobs to be done by a basic user, who is not a developer.

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