Bookmarks crash the browser when edited

I’m actually having a lot of problems with the bookmarks. The first is that if two folders are named the same thing, i.g. “Misc” they will inevitably show the same bookmarks even if in different different folders.

Email -> Misc
Books -> Misc

I figured, I would rename one of them and fix the issue, but when I click “edit folder” the browser stops working. It stays open and appears to be working, but nothing can be clicked on or opened.

The other issue I’m having is that the bookmarks sometimes show up when in the bookmark editor and most of the time they don’t.

Any help would be great.

Thank you for your time.

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I was actually about to do a workaround. I exported the bookmarks into an html file, then edited one of the folders labelled the same. I then deleted all my bookmarks and installed the edited html and everything appears to be working now. Kinda crazy that you can never have two folders the same name though since I usually have one misc folder for every parent folder I create.

Thank you for the feedback. It is unlikely that you’ll see an update to bookmarks on the current live release of Brave as the bookmarks manager has been completely overhauled and replaced in the new Brave v1.0 rewrite. You can try out an early release version here. We aim to have a general public release sometime in October.

v1.0 inherits the bookmark manager from Chromium, so it should be as stable and operational as the bookmark manager one finds in Chrome!


Thank you for the info! I like the dev build so far, but I hope the tor and private tab ability makes it over in the final release. Also, I already miss the download bar from the current Brave release, I liked being able to “X” out downloads. Is there a forum to give more feedback or a survey?

Oh, the Tor functionality (Tor windows first) should definitely coming when v1.0 lands :). It’s one of the priority items!

Yes, the feedback forum for the dev build is here:


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