Bookmarks changing position in toolbar

  1. Windows 10
  2. Brave: 0.19.53
  3. My bookmarks on the toolbar randomly move around, is there a way to lock their position?

Also a couple of suggestions

  1. It would be nice if when importing toolbar bookmarks from another browser, they replicate the old browsers location on the toolbar, rather than all being placed in a folder.
  2. New bookmarks on the toolbar should be added to the right


on which timing (on restart, on opening a new tab, on loading a bookmark, etc)?


Hi - Seems to happen after I’ve opened a page, and then shut down Brave. When I re-open brave, that bookmark will move to the far right of the toolbar.

Eg below – In screenshot one below, I have Macquarie Bank page open (which is bookmark MBL). Screen shot 2 was taken after closing Brave and reopening and you’ll see the bookmark has been moved to the right hand side.

I also have a macbook and windows desktop synced, and the bookmark toolbar does not seem to be syncing, is that something that should sync if a change is made on either machine?



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