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I’ve been trying to import my firefox bookmarks with no real luck. There is no option to import from firefox when you try to import browser data. I noticed many other people had this issue and it seems to be an old issue, yet it’s not fixed. I notice some people commenting with screenshots showing the option to import firefox data, yet that option does not exist for many of us. Although the issue is not resolved the threads are being closed. Is this a joke? Is this community run by the developers of Brave?

If you expect wide adoption for this browser then how about fixing simple issues like importing bookmarks? If I import bookmarks via and html file it’s a freakin mess and there is no easy way of reorganizing or sorting them.

I’m sorry, I really wanted to give this browser a shot, but I can’t. It seems like threads get closed all willy nilly because someone feels like they don’t have the issue so it must not be a problem or simple things just don’t work, like importing bookmarks.

You have a lastpass browser extension why not an xmarks one too? They are both from the same company and that would make this bookmark issue go away.

Ongoing Saga of FireFox Import

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Also provide information like this:


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