Bookmarks button: right-click

By default I have bookmarks button near the address bar which is useful in hurry, but kinda “dusty” (do you add a bookmark everyday?). I noticed that I instinctively right-click it when I want to see the bookmarks or use one of them. If you have no better use, please assign this behavior to it.

Agreed, coming from Edge, bookmarks in Brave are not user-friendly at all. It’s like going back in time to the Windows 95 geek developer era, where there was no oversight by usability testers.

I think they should go back to the drawing board and look at how Microsoft Edge UX designers have implemented bookmarks (favourites) – where they’ve clearly carried out usability tests and thought about how average everyday users actually use a browser.

Really, because in my version of Brave, there are two areas to bookmark a webpage.

This is not about adding bookmarks, but about using already saved bookmarks.

yeah, it’s more about hot using prioritized stuff
the button is few hairs from one of the hottest spot for eyes: start of the address bar, so there’s a lot of (missed yet) potential in loading it with features

@PDC , idk if it help you somehow, but you could find “Ctrl + B” useful.

That’s a useful suggestion, however the issue with using Ctrl + B (or the sidebar bookmarks in general) is that it also has it’s own problems compared to the favourites button in Edge. For example:

1) The sidebar uses the same page zoom as set in brave://settings/appearance. Therefore, when the page zoom is set to greater than 100%, then the bookmarks are massive.

2) Opening the sidebar shifts the entire webpage, which is disjointing when just wanting to quickly access bookmarks.

3) Closing the sidebar has an slow two-stage animation, which again is disjointing.

Therefore, I currently resort to using the Windows 95 style bookmark menu. However, this is not a good solution for “normal” users who are used to the bookmarks in Edge; small things like this become a headache when trying to move them from Edge to Brave.