Bookmarks Bookmarksbar seems to be only available option



Bookmarks bar is the only option when attempting to add a new book mark?
Unable to add new bookmark folders.
Please could you assist?


Please provide details as to how you are unable to add the bookmarks? Also per posting guidelines please provide system details and browser info to help on the issue


I also have the same issue. By pressing the start button from the address bar, only the “Bookmark Toolbar” folder is available.

Brave 0.19.139
rev 99aa17d
Muon 4.7.2
libchromiumcontent 64.0.3282.85
V8 6.4.388.20
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 17.3.0
OS Architecture x64


Do you mind recording the issue? You can use Licecap which is a free tool to record. Please record a gif image and share.


@sriram check the awesome gif…


Ok I see you are trying to move bookmark to a folder under Other bookmarks. This is been fixed as part of 0.20.x release. Here’s the issue for reference


@Waverider40 Is this what you were expecting as well?

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