Bookmarks bar - Only on New Tab Page - How?


So I recently installed Brave (Dev channel) and want to have the bookmarks bar only on the new tab page. Is that possible, if so how?
This is driving me nuts…

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Thanks for reaching out! You can do this by going to Menu --> Settings --> Appearance --> Show Bookmarks bar and disabling this option.

Thank you @Mattches but then the bar is completely disabled.

I want the bar to be enabled on the new tab page, but disabled as soon as I navigate away.


This should be how the browser functions with this option disabled, as shown below:

Interesting, that’s indeed exactly how I want it, but unfortauntely when I disable that setting, it is also disabled on the new tab page. curious.

This seemed to work initially, but I’m seeing the same behavior now as @Votan. I don’t know what changed. I just updated to the newest version but am seeing the same behavior now.

@Mattches this is definitely how it used to work, however I’m now seeing the same behaviour as the others; the bar is either permanently off or on, even on new tab.

I’ve created an account just to report how annoying this is! :frowning_face:

Note: I am on the Stable build, not the Dev build

Note that we’ve already resolved this issue by including an additional option in Settings:

This option should be available in the next update to the browser.