Bookmarks bar on left/right

This may be a User issue since I am just starting to Use Brave.

I have a number of bookmarks for Searches on various sites, Amazon, Picclick etc.

I regularly go down my list of searches to check for various items one after another.

To do this I need the bookmarks to be persistent & not close after I have just selected one otherwise it is a lot of effort to reopen & go down the drop down list.

I also don’t want it to be an entire tab screen because I then have to open a New Tab, then click back, go down the list etc.

I have been using Vivaldi which allows you to have a Panel at the side with your bookmarks, history etc.

Is it possible to do this with Brave?
I’d prefer to do this natively without using anything extra which may introduce extra security risks but if I have to use an add on then does anyone have any suggestions.

The UI of Vivaldi allows you to select left or right etc which is very nice. I like to put my panel on the right but I know others like theirs on the left. A small thing but very nice.

Is their a training video about setting Brave?

I looked on site & online elsewhere but didn’t really find a “Beginners Start Here” type of training.

You can use Bookmarks bar. Ctrl/CMD + Shift + B.

Documentations is available at :slightly_smiling_face:

OK. I used that & it puts the bar across the screen.

I have a heap of saved bookmarks so I have to click on the arrows at the end to get to the correct section of bookmarks & then click on the section to expand it & then click on the search to open the search in a tab.

When I click on one of the search terms & it opens in a tab but it also shuts my bookmarks down & closes all the sections within the bookmark.

In Vivaldi, I have the bookmarks open in a panel at the right of the screen.
I open the correct section of bookmarks & it stays open in the panel.

I can then click on the search term using the mouse scroll wheel & it opens the search in a new tab.
I then move down to the next search term scroll wheel click …

I can open 6 or even 10 searches without impacting the system speed & then go into them one at a time to check them out & then do the next lot of searches.

To do the searches the bookmarks need to stay on the screen without closing.
It helps to not have an entire tab with the bookmarks because it is easier to see what is happening.

How can I do something similar in Brave - have the bookmarks persistent & not closing when ONE has been selected & not close the bookmark section I am in? Sections such as eg Amazon Search, eBay Searches …

Currently when I click the one bookmark it closes the bookmarks down & it closes the individual section of bookmarks down too so it takes 4 or 5 actions to do a single search.

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