Bookmarks Bar issues

I am not sure whether these are configuration issues or requests for new features but here goes:

  1. I have to open the Bookmarks Bar from the Side Bar each time I launch Brave. Can this be done automatically?
  2. The width of the Bookmarks Bar is too narrow for my needs. Can it be varied?
  3. There s a lot of space between each bookmark entry requiring excessive scrolling. Can this be reduced?

Thanks in advance

If going from side panel, actually is a setup you might like more. Go to brave://flags and enable Power bookmarks side panel

Difference is like you see below:

Original View

Power Bookmarks View

As to your other two questions, I don’t think either is possible. But haven’t messed with all of the flags for side panel yet either. Not sure if any of the flags might present options and don’t feel like testing much right now.

Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a go but not really what I wanted as only one bookmarks folder is visible at a time. However, you pointed me at the flags area so I can experiment for myself. Thanks again.

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