Bookmarks are still dissappearing one by one


As the title says it seems like Brave randomly deleting some bookmarks of mine whenever it feels like it and then I have to re add them.
The reason I’m saying “still” is because before I post any issues I always check if a problem already has an open discussion about it or not and it seems like this issue has been around before but without any solution the topic has been closed.
So I would love if you guys could have a look into this when you get time.
Thank you in advance!


I’m experiencing similar. I can’t even create bookmarks at all.


I’ve had this happen on a few laptops with Brave installed. I thought I was going crazy until the last one I KNEW got deleted as I was setting up a new version of Brave and I only had 2 bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar. Then one was missing.

I also noticed there is no way to save a bookmark into a general folder, but it only saves it on the toolbar. If I create a new folder as a catch all for bookmarks, that folder itself shows up on the toolbar and I do not want it to. Out of all the browsers I use (IE, Edge, Firefox, Palemoon, Maxthon, Waterfox, Opera, Chrome) this is the only one that only saves bookmarks to the toolbar as the ONLY option. This is definitely a MUST FIX.

'Sluggish/Slow', Not light weight?

Update: The problem seem to occur when my internet connection fails. This is the time when some of the bookmarks disappears for good and doesn’t come back even if my internet reconnects or when I relaunch the brave browser either.


My bookmarks are disappearing too. Seems to be ones I imported.