Bookmarks/android backup


Hi newb here…
Having screen issues and I need to factory reset my tablet…
When I back up, will Brave bookmarks be saved within the Brave app files or are they gone forever…?


Hi @AntMac,

I’m not sure what you mean by backup but if you delete Brave on Android, it’ll also remove the browser data. And currently there’s no way to export or sync that data, AFAIK.



Back up…
As in save data in case of catastrophic loss of hardware or changing device…


Maybe someone knows when bookmark export will be a thing???


Eljuno is right, If you delete brave browser from your device it will remove bookmarks too.

You can do one thing:

There must be option of exporting bookmarks. Go and Find. Export all your bookmarks to your mail id.

Thankyou in advance. :slight_smile:


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