Bookmarks always open in new tab


I would like to set a checkbox for my bookmarks to set them to always open in a new tab.

For example on my bookmarks bar I have links to my Inbox etc that I always would like to open in a new tab.


Is this just one link or multiple? If just one you can set it as home page and set new tab to open homepage that way whenever you open a new tab that page(eg. inbox) will be opened.


This is for multiple links as I have multiple Inbox accounts and some dashboard pages for different services that I always would like to open in a new tab.


I came up with a workaround :slight_smile:

I set the location to'') so now my links open in new tabs.


There is an option to set multiple homepages to start when launching browser. But if you click on the home button or the newtab button it will only show the first entry of the list. This is by design.You can check the details here

So you can set mulitple homepages as mentioned here and set browser to launch with homepage so that it loads all the links in a different tab. And set the most frequently used link in first position and have newtab show home page this way when you open a new tab it always loads the most frequently used site.

Let me know if this helps.


Not having a permanently displayed bookmarks bar is why i had to switch back to my old browser, i can live without it on my tablet.


This is a feature that I like about Chrome. It is really convenient to be able to hide your bookmarks bar and have it pop back up only in a new tab.