Bookmarklet not working on Mobile

Hi all.
Why don’t bookmarklets work on mobile?
I am trying to find continuity gaps in my desktop/mobile experience. One big pit is the lack of support for extension on mobile. Can anyone tell me why that is? My best guess is to limit bloating on space constrained environment. Well if I want to be bloated I should be able to choose to do so. Anyway… One of my extensions is a web pop up to third party that allows me to send some information of the current website I am visiting (basically the URL). It just so happens that the third party has a REST API where I can directly send the URL to be processed. On Brave desktop the easiest way to do that is a bookmarklet with the URL value of “javascript:document.location.href=“https://[domain].com/[filepath]?url=”+document.location.href;” which works great, but on mobile, after the bookmarks being synchronized, this bookmarklet doesn’t really do anything. Maybe the javascript: data URLs are disabled by default?

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