Bookmarking similar URLs - Issue observed with - Cannot retrieve similar bookmarks (Mar 2023)


This is a quirk observed when bookmarking similar URLs for the parcel tracking page of the Royal Mail website. At first I thought it was Brave not liking bookmarks of the same parent URL however it seems to be a refresh issue (or “Reload” as Brave calls it). Hopefully this enlightens some people having the same issue and hopefully will be fixed in the near future.

I have been unable to test many other tracking sites as I am limited to multiple trackings utilising the same couriers though some Chinese tracking pages exhibit the proper bookmark retrieval behaviour.

Description of the issue:

Upon visiting and entering a tracking number (which results in:“tracking number”) and subsequently bookmarking multiple pages with the tracking number being the only difference, retrieving the pages results in no change to the current page.

At first it looks like nothing happens however the URL is changed but the page is not automatically refreshed, which would correct the issue.

Also going back to the tracking number input page and then retrieving a different bookmark results in the last visited tracking page to be loaded but with the new/correct URL in the address bar. This also requires a refresh to retrieve the correct page.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Bookmark these tracking numbers and retrieve them without closing the page/tab:


p.s. Cookies or no cookies this issue still arises but JavaScript is required.
Brave Version: 1.48.171

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