Bookmarking across devices?


I’ve been using Brave for about 2 months on my laptop and now I’d like to run it on my new PC.

Is there an easy way to move all my bookmarks? My laptop runs Windows 7 and my desktop is Win 10.

Sorry if this seems simple. I tried, but I can’t locate an html file of bookmarks anywhere.


You should be able to just copy this folder over to the new computer:

If you already have it installed on the new computer, you’ll want to move the old one out of the way first and then copy the new one in (instead of copy/merge).

We’re also actively working on sync, so if you want, you could wait for that.
We don’t have a release date announced yet for sync, but I think it would be Q1 of '17.


Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated!

It was actually the brave folder in %appdata%\roaming\ that held the bookmarks but once I figured that part out, it seems to be working fine.


For me at least %appdata% maps to c:\users\brian\AppData\Roaming, but maybe that differs for you.


On Windows you can just copy the session-state-1 folder and the Web Data & Web Data-journal. This takes care of bookmarks autofill data and settings. Have tested this across builds


This is the one thing holding me back from using Brave as my main browser (use OSX, Win, iOS), good to see that syncing across devices is in the pipeline.

Might want to update your FAQ’s as they imply that this service is already available :wink:

16. What kind of data is stored in the Brave Vault? Can users access it?

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