Bookmark toolbar menus won't scroll after update



That would be great if the bookmark “manager” worked.

It doesn’t. Hasn’t. And apparently it isn’t ever going to.


Hi @fretless,

I’m sorry it’s not working well for you. But the good news is, bookmarks related issue will be fixed with the upcoming brave-core (rewrite version coming later this year). More info about Brave 1.0 can be read on this blog post

Thank you,


Later this year?! This needs to be fixed last month.


@jss1138 I’m just mentioned that all bookmarks related issue will be fixed with brave-core. :slight_smile: Scrolling issue, main topic on this thread, may fixed on next release.

Brave-core is planned to arrive by fall, AFAIK. But dev-build may come this month.


Thanks for the encouraging words.

I look forward for the brave-core update.


It’s come to my attention that we actually plan on pushing a fix for this particular bookmarks issue along with the next release! Thank you all for your patience.

Happy scrolling!


Hi everyone!

I just registered for the Brave community just to comment on this issue. (This is actually my first post) I just want to say to the Dev team, I love Brave and it is the only browser I use now on my Home PC, work PC and laptop. I love it and was heartbroken when I got hit with the bookmark scroll bug. I am happy to report that with the new patch yesterday, all issues with this bug are gone. So, thank you! Dev team, keep up the good work.


Thanks for confirming and welcome to the Brave family @herbalish! :slight_smile:

Also @sneekyzeke @Bob2 @BarakIII @Coosawjack @calvin @fretless @hellostrings @DavidFS @jss1138 @whois456 @Brave_user @JasonMCG, please update your Brave version to the latest release since this version have a fix for this scrolling issue.

I’m going to close this thread for now because original issue reported here was fixed. Feel free to open a new one if you all have another question/feedback/report.

Thank you,

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Fixed in Brave 0.23.39.