Bookmark toolbar menus won't scroll after update



After Brave update a couple of minutes ago, my Bookmarks menus on the toolbar display one full page but won’t scroll further down. A look in the main Bookmarks page reveals they are still there (mercifully :wink: ) Tried re-starting Windows, to no avail. Windows 10 fully updated, latest Brave version (as of 6-28-2018). Thanks, great browser!

Bookmark folders in the Bookmarks Toolbar do not scroll
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Thanks for reporting @sneekyzeke!

Just confirmed that it’s not scrolling for me too. cc @Mattches and @sriram for logged issue.


It looks like there are a few issues still currently open on this subject:

The team is aware and working to address this issue.

Matt :slight_smile:


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Also @Mattches, it seems this issue is introduced with latest version 0.23.19. Previous versions works well with bookmarks scrolling. :slight_smile:

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+1 from @calvin on MacOS via Bookmark folders in the Bookmarks Toolbar do not scroll.

An issue logged for this here


+1. I’m having the same issue.

Also - my bookmark manager remains broken. I really hope the Brave team does something about this - the sloppy, buggy bookmarks are almost enough to make me switch back to firefox.


+1 on windows. i love brave, its my home now :grinning:but one thing that could be improved imo, is the bookmarks. could be a smarter set-up in general, easier to manage etc


I am also having the same problem. I am operating a Win 7 on a HP. Will not use Brave until it is resolved.


Going back to Chrome…I cannot get to over half my bookmarks on BRAVE now!!:anguished:


In addition to the non-scrolling issue, the Bookmarks Toolbar section of the Bookmarks Manager isn’t showing any of my folders or what’s inside them. It shows only those bookmarks placed directly on the toolbar.

This means I have no way to access those hidden bookmarks.

This is definitely a JDI ASAP issue.


+1 from @whois456 via Cannot scroll down to see all bookmarks.


How can I roll back the update that screwed up the Bookmarks PLEASE!!??:roll_eyes:


Same here on four different computers (all Windows 7). Bug introduced in the latest version 0.23.19.

New features to add to brave

Having the same issue; no scrolling within flyout menus. Bookmark manager doesn’t seem to be affected…at least not for me.

Brave 23.19; MacOS Sierra 10.12.6


Are y’all gonna fix this thing or not??


Hi @Coosawjack,

You can follow the progress in the link I shared above. Brave team is working to fix this issue.



Is there any way to roll back to the previous version THAT WORKED “eljuno”??:confused:


@Coosawjack I can give you steps to install the previous version. Which OS? :slight_smile:

As note, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Brave have auto-update which will download a new version if available.


Thanks for your reply…

I really LOVE the BRAVE browser but I cannot get to 50% of my bookmarks without going back to Chrome “eljuno”!!

I know you guys will work it out but it seems so simple…maybe not??

Good Luck and I’ll stop bothering you and just wait!!



For temporary workaround, you can try to access your bookmarks via Bookmarks Manager. Use Ctrl+Shift+O or Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Bookmarks... to open it.

It seems the team already working on a fix. If not changed, the fix planned to arrive in the next or two release ahead.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience and thanks for reaching out.