Bookmark syncing only 1 way



My bookmarks all have names, so it can’t be that. I may try deleting the chain again and seeing if that will get it working.


Okay, I found a fix which worked for me:

I deleted the chain I’d started on my computer, and then started a new one. I scanned the QR code into my phone, which seemed to work there, but the status on my computer never changed from searching for the device.

I then deleted the chain again and instead started it from my phone, typing the word salad code into my computer. This worked immediately, and my bookmarks now appear in both places. I hope this helps someone in the future :slight_smile:


To summarize from what I read here and experienced for myself, I think the two main problems with syncing bookmarks at the moment are the following:

  • Unnamed bookmarks and folders do not sync to Android
  • Android bookmarks do not appear in a “mobile bookmarks” folder on desktop but rather on the bookmarks bar

These should be fixed because both are highly impractical and it’s obviously possible in Chromium (since it works in Chrome :sweat_smile:)


Good summary. The latest mobile version is out and still has these issues. Is there somewhere else we need to be raising them?

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