Bookmark sync with Windows version does not work

It seems that every time I install an update for the Nightly build the sync for my sync chain is broken.
I have connected one phone, two tablets (all Android), and a PC in one sync chain. All works fine except the Windows install. “Suddenly” (I assume after installing the upgrade) the setup switch is not anymore in the “sync all” position". All switches are switched OFF completely.
Switching “All sync” on does not work (after switching all switches ON, nothing happens. (NO sync).
And after closing Brave and restart, the switches are OFF again.
Next: I have tried to cut the Windows version of the sync chain. This also does not work. The Windows version does not disappear from the sync chain. I have to delete the complete chain and rebuild a sync chain from scratch.
The sync chain between the three Android devices works well.
So please check the Windows version design…

Yes yes ye mere sath bhi hua Sync kaam ni kar raha thik se

Google translator :- Yes, it happened to me too, sync is not working properly

Solution pls fix this problem @Mattches

I will inform the team about browser updates causing the settings reset. When you go to resync info, make sure that you add the device to the chain, then quit Brave on any devices that are part of the current Sync chain. This was an issue initially when we launched Sync v2 and users were able to solve this by simply setting Sync up properly, then quitting both browsers.