Bookmark Sync overrode all my changes

Description of the issue:
I spent about half an hour updating my bookmarks in MacOS the other day. It was long overdue - deleting bookmarks I didn’t need any more, renaming them, and reorganizing them into folders. Then when I went and looked in Windows, my Brave browser there hadn’t picked up the changes. (The Brave browsers are in a sync chain.) Later, when I looked on my Mac, all my changes had been undone! Somehow the changes I made on Mac were overwritten by the old bookmarks from Windows. Incredibly frustrating.

It would be nice if you included some sort of manual “save” that would tell the sync chain “these are the current bookmarks, use these now”.

How can this issue be reproduced?

I do not know if this issue is easily reproducible. There may have been quirks of my interaction that contributed to the problem. It’s possible I deleted a bookmark on Windows before it was properly synced. But the basic series of interactions was:

  1. Create many folders and bookmarks under the “Other Bookmarks” section
  2. Verify sync on Mac and Windows. (I was using Windows 7.)
  3. Shut down windows.
  4. Edit, delete, and rename many bookmarks on Mac.
  5. Launch Windows, and the Brave browser.

Expected result:
Updated bookmarks on Windows. Maintain changes on Mac.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
0.68.132 (on both machines)

Additional Information:

Hi @apollograce, welcome to Community. Can you try re-syncing your devices? This should cause Brave on your Mac to fully synchronize your bookmarks and settings.

What does this mean, “re-syncing your devices”? Does this mean I should “Leave sync chain” on all my devices, and then recreate the sync?

Anyway, this doesn’t really resolve the issue, does it? The bug is that it’s possible, on a set of synced devices, to lose my work, because the wrong browser instance’s bookmarks are considered dominant in the sync. My work is already lost, and why would I trust sync to work properly in future even if I do resync?

Yes, that’s what I meant – I would try doing so one device at a time (leave, say, your desktop synced, but leave the sync chain on your mobile device(s) and then try re-syncing).

We are taking a hard look at Sync and there will most certainly be upgrades and fixes in the near future.

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I certainly hope that is the case, I know we are not alone, Im very Frustrated for I have “Fixed” my bookmarks multiple times and watched them resort back to an unorganized Mess!, while trying to work. I must say, Google wasn’t such a pain in the butt after dealing with this headache.

Is your Windows version updated to the recent 0.68.138 release?

I don’t know on Mac but for me that version totally trashed my sync’d bookmarks on all machines in the group, Android included, and I’ve had it confirmed by a Brave support person that it also happened to them. For now I had to destroy the sync group, recover my bookmarks on one machine, export them and then import that into every other machine.

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