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I downloaded and installed brave, on both my desktop and laptop, both on windows 10. I imported my google chrome bookmarks to my desktop. I set up sync on my desktop, and then set it up on my laptop, and checked the bookmarks option in the sync menu on both machines. The only bookmarks to transfer over were the bookmarks on the desktop that had names. I named all the unnamed bookmarks, and reset sync - resetting both the desktop and laptop. When that didn’t work, I reinstalled the browser on my laptop, deleting all app data (from local and roaming) and completely reset sync again. After performing all these steps, I have yet to get any of the bookmarks on my desktop to transfer over to my laptop.


I wrangle a few machines (desktop and laptop), all with Windows 7, one 32-bit, the others 64-bit. I tried Brave’s “Sync” feature in v0.19.??, perhaps earlier, but no more recently than Oct 2017. My experience was similar to yours.

The first Sync operation from a desktop to a laptop more or less worked. “More or less”: only some / not all bookmarks were transferred. Subsequent attempts to update failed.

What I then did: I used Brave’s “Bookmarks | Export Bookmarks…” function to create an HTML file of “source” computer’s bookmarks and cut-and-pasted from this file on the “target” machines. This is clumsy.

What would help make Sync useful:

An unambiguous designation of “source” and “target” is essential.

A short unambiguous selection of options is also essential, including:
“copy” is one-way and updates the target to match what’s new / changed on the source; and
“exchange” makes source and target match each other, keeping the latest changes on both.


Not exactly sure what unnamed bookmarks are? Do you mean you don’t have a title added to it and its just the URL that is bookmarked?


Yes, that is correct. I was in google chrome before, and wanted the bookmark images only, so all my bookmarks didn’t have a label, they only contained the target URL. The title property in brave was empty.


I agree. The source and target options seem strange to me, because it seems that all computers on the same sync are peers, which should reflect each other… A source and target implies a one way transfer.

An in depth options panel would be very nice - while the feature is in beta, it would be nice to be able to push the current bookmark configuration on the current device to the cloud, maybe with the option to overwrite the data stored currently with the current device or to merely push updates, and then an explicit pull ability as well, again with the ability to overwrite your current configuration or to merely supplement it with the new data in the
Without knowing how the sync system works, however, I don’t know if these options are viable suggestions.

As it is, I have just reimported my bookmarks from chrome on my laptop.

I wonder if clearing out brave appdata on my desktop on reinstall would clear some sort of local log saying that it pushed the current configuration - that’s the only step on my end that I can think of that might clear this issue up on my end.


What I’m suggesting: both. Perhaps the ambiguity is that I’m considering the cloud as a hose while you’re considering it to be a bucket. “Exchange” should treat all computers as peers (the first alternative you suggest), updating them to the most-recent changes, while “copy” is one-way, updating the designated target(s) to match a specified source.


Update on this topic. I uninstalled brave from both machines, and deleted the local and roaming appdata after uninstalling. After reinstalling I re imported the bookmarks on my desktop, and then set up sync on my desktop and connected my laptop, and the initial sync worked, but subsequent additions of bookmarks isn’t updated.


Bookmarks still not work on Apple OS.


Anybody found a solution or work around? I am looking to give up Chrome and find another solution but I have a ton of bookmarks. Mainly hoarding but who has the time to prune…I did find another elegant browser, Vivaldi. I would like to use FF, Brave and Vivaldi but…


No elegant solution yet - just make sure that all your bookmarks are set up on the first computer you add to sync, and then add the other, and it should copy over properly. If you mess it up you have to uninstall and delete local and roaming brave folders. This won’t update subsequent changes, last time I checked.

I haven’t actually tried updating on the most recent brave update (0.22.669), but I don’t expect there to be any changes - no changes related to sync are mentioned in the patch notes. I’ll try it again though and update the forum if I have any success.

From your requirements, though, it seems you probably shouldn’t mess with a browser that is as beta as brave sync.

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