Bookmark Sync is not syncing

Unfortunately back to Chrome while bookmarks sync gets sorted out.
Simply too important to my workflow. (work mac , home mac, iPhone, iPad) to do without.

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New version of Brave pretends to fix the issue, but it most definitely does not. I went into brave://flags to re-enable sync and relaunched. There was an immediate crash and after manually editing the config file to switch off sync, I managed to get back in. Unfortunately all my open tabs were gone.

Be warned that this update does not fix the sync issues.

Release Notes V1.3.118

  • Added flag under brave://flags to re-enable sync. (#8187)
  • Improved P3A metrics for wallet states. (#8187)
  • Reduced interval between P3A pings from 1 hour to 1 minute. (#8084)
  • Fixed tokens not being successfully unblinded in certain cases leading to reduced balances. (#8207)
  • Fixed sync crash when re-creating a new sync chain. (#7412)
  • Fixed three consecutive sync updates will result in data deletion. (#8203)
  • Fixed sync crash in certain cases. (#8228)
  • Fixed incorrect Terms of Service link being used during onboarding and the rewards panel. (#8229)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.116. (#8304)
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New release has not fixed the issues. I went into brave://flags to re-enable sync and relaunched, there was an immediate crash and all tabs are gone after restoring.

Is there any update on when this issue is going to be fixed?

Release Notes V1.4.95

  • Added the ability to look up an archived page using the Wayback Machine. (#6144)
  • Added option in brave://settings to disable Tor component. (#6808)
  • Updated order of certain items on the hamburger menu. (#5552)
  • Updated theme selection to be per install instead of per profile. (#5373)
  • Fixed sync crash in certain cases. (#8178)
  • Fixed ads history being limited to 99 entries. (#8046)
  • Fixed ads history entries not being displayed in reverse chronological order. (#6757)
  • Fixed ads history showing incorrect date on Linux. (#6088)
  • Fixed multiple landed confirmations being created in certain cases. (#7249)
  • Fixed broken formatting of monthly contributions on brave://rewards for some locales. (#7296)
  • Fixed rewards notification icon not being shown on verified publisher sites. (#7121)
  • Fixed extensions being blocked when verifying Brave Rewards wallet. (#6309)
  • Fixed “too many redirects” error caused by Brave’s user-agent. (#6966)
  • Fixed P3A toggle selection not being respected in all open windows. (#7289)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.122. (#8379)

New release and same issue:

Release Notes V1.4.96

  • No audio output in Google Meet (blocked by autoplay).(#4621)
  • Application crashes when calculating the winning page classification category.(#7866)
  • Buttons on top tiles removed message needs padding.(#8282)
  • Duplicate sync object id of bookmarks.(#8325)
  • Wayback machine feature should be disabled in Tor windows or use Tor.(#8419)
  • Upgrade from Chromium 80.0.3987.122 to Chromium 80.0.3987.132.(#8499)

I checked the latest release V1.7.98 and it is a bit better, but still broken.

Instead of crashing the browser immediately, it stays open for maybe a minute before crashing. My guess is that it starts to sync and then crashes out.

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