Bookmark/Sync Hell

I absolutely love brave and am a huge advocate. But man I’ve been running into some rough experiences lately with the syncing on mobile, particularly around passwords and bookmarks. Getting to the point where I’m questioning staying. After a few initial setup tries I had bookmarks syncing for the last few weeks. But I hated how bookmarking something on mobile put it in on my browser bar (and I couldn’t specify a folder for mobile bookmarks). So I named a folder in my desktop bookmarks “Mobile bookmarks”. At first it was amazing – somehow the mobile app knew to put mobile bookmarks there! Then after a couple days it started jumbling bookmarks and now I live in bookmark/sync hell.

My bookmarks bar is FULL of folders that keep re-adding themselves called “managed bookmarks” (like 10 copies of the empty folder) and somehow all of my saved passwords are gone off one of my computers (2 computers and 1 mobile device all in the sync). Every time I delete all the erroneous bookmarks they get added back. Is there a source of truth to go fix the bookmark sync somewhere?

Until this syncing nightmare gets fixed I’m almost ready to walk away… again… which is sad because it’s such an amazing product otherwise. Mobile needs password syncing too, btw. Feels like it’s been “in the works” for a pretty long time — any update on that?


Apologies for the inconveniences, @xzab. The team is working to make sync better and some fixes is coming AFAIK.

And other type browser data sync is in the plan. The team will make the current sync better first before adding support for other data sync.

Exactly same problem here, I don’t think the sync is able to handle bookmarks properly yet.

Not only it duplicates but some folder are recreated after deletion I even tried a new config in all my devices to see if would work but does not.

Also bookmarks without name are not synced in some cases.

Do you suggest some extension that get the job done while this is fixed?

How do you even get them to sync?

I have both devices linked and bookmarks aren’t appearing anywhere.

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Same problem here.
I activated the sync function. All devices are visible but bookmarks simply doesn’t sync.
Very annoying…
I left Brave a few months ago because of this same issue: no bookmarks sync possibility.
I was back to check if things improved over time.
I am quite disappointed that it takes so much time to have this basic function implemented…

I left Brave today also because of bookmarks. Duplicated, out of order etc.

You can’t use browser like that. Fix it please, as soon as possible.

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I’m currently using xBrowserSync. It’s extension that will sync the bookmarks properly and you can even run a node yourself for privacy reasons.

I cannot post the link due to the censoring system used here(Akismetic) and the lack of moderation to approve the post. 15 days and no moderator approved nor rejected the post.