Bookmark sorting?


Seriously. Bookmark sorting.

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Alphabetic order for the bookmarks
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Bookmarks cannot be imported

Hi @Steerider. There is an open issue for this feature request.


Heh. I actually meant manual sorting, but alphabetical is also nice! :slight_smile:


Which version are you currently using?


I’m using the latest update


Could you be more specific about your version number? Manual sorting has been working in Brave for a while.


Brave 0.13.2 for Windows (similar problem on Mac)

Make a folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar – call it Test1
Make another folder next to it – call it Test2

Now try to move Test2 above Test1. As far as I can tell, this can not be done.
Try to move Test1 to below the third bookmark. As far as I can tell, this can not be done.


@Steerider I am able to drop the folder on one another. Could you confirm this is what you expect to see?


It’s do-able, but still very slow and clunky. Especially as Brave makes no distinction between what’s in your toolbar and what’s in you Bookmarks menu, which makes both quite redundant.

Try taking a folder that’s at the very bottom of a long list of Bookmarks and moving it to the top, using the Toolbar. It’s quite difficult to do successfully, and easy to accidentally drop the folder inside another folder. (And because it was unintentional, hard to find again!)


Or, for that matter, in the Bookmarks Manager, open a folder, then try to close it. You can’t. Or put something at the top of the Bookmarks menu that is not at the front of the Toolbar. Can’t – it draws from the same list.

The Bookmarks alone stop me from using Brave as my primary browser.


Can you at least alllow mouse-able expansion or contracting of imported bookmarks to eliminate unnecessary scrolling (for the folder) and then scrolling back up to find the actual bookmark? This is regular mouse + or - or right-click type stu


1 additional sorting request i would like (netscape never did) was automatically move ALL Folders created with bookmarks inside is to move them to the TOP then bookmarks


When I open bookmarks, I can’t manually rearrange the bookmarks of a particular folder (displayed on the bookmarks bar)
Update, when I move the bookmarks on the toolbar folder, it works, but not with the bookmarks manager

Possible to organize bookmarks?

On mobile you can’t manage bookmarks at all. Can’t move them.


@bobtheman Which mobile are you talking about? iOS or Android? Also which version are you on?

On Android you will need to hold a finger on the bookmark for a while, for iOS, you’ll need to click on ‘Edit’ at the bottom.


Implementing Xmarks Bookmark Synch as an extension would be a welcome addition. I bounce between browsers and depend on Xmarks to keep my bookmarks in synch. No Brave Xmarks means I’ll likely sandbox the browsers OUT of my daily workflow. Bookmarks are LIFE. Syncing Brave to other Brave browsers on other machines is not sufficient.

THANKS(!) for all you guys are doing. Long live the Basic Attention Token and Brave!


I was wondering if it is possible to create bookmarks only using the logos of the site. It offers a much more condensed way to store a book mark than a name. I use bookmarks like crazy and this is a very, very important feature for me. If it is currently possible I would love to know how to do it, but the way I do it on chrome is currently not working here. Thanks for your time.


Hi @jrbocasurfer,

Did you already try this option? It’s under Preferences > General > Bookmarks Bar. And you can set it to Favicon only.



Bookmark sorting does not work in the Bookmark Manager?

Brave: 0.18.23
rev: 36ae2ec06efed0057ae16351108bf4d4c10a7ab4
Muon: 4.3.10
libchromiumcontent: 60.0.3112.90
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.14393
OS Architecture: x64


@BraveUser2 Currently its not implemeted. You can track the issue mentioned here