Bookmark problems in Brave browser beta

Two issues with the bookmark feature in the Brave Browser Beta (Version 0.55.10 - macOS 10.14):

  • importing bookmarks from Brave (0.24.0) doesn’t work: nothing shows up in the Bookmarks bar.
  • there is no way to remove the favicon in the bookmarks bar when manually bookmarking sites

I’m unable to reproduce the first issue.
When you imported, did you import only bookmarks or did you import other data as well?

Hi Mattches,
The best way to explain is through screenshots.

  1. I open Brave browser beta and click on “import bookmarks now” in the bookmarks bar.
  2. I don’t select Safari, but
  3. select Brave and Favorites / Bookmarks, and
  4. a new settings tab opens. Alas, no bookmarks are imported.

The order of the screenshots is in their filenames (which indicate the time). It really is 1, 4, 3, 2.

Hi @vdb,

Just want to make sure. Are you close any Brave processes (the current stable release 0.24.0) when you try to import the data?


Not sure what you mean with “Are you close any Brave processes”? I am replying here assuming that your question is “Did you close any Brave processes?”
The first time I tried to import Brave bookmarks the Browser Beta asked me to close Brave (i.e. version 0.24.0). I did and it didn’t work. So the first time I had both browsers open, closed down Brave and continued in Brave browser beta.
I tried several times since, always first closing Brave and then opening the Brave Browser Beta afterwards, so never having both browsers open at the same time.
It never worked.
I just tried importing Safari and Firefox bookmarks. Safari didn’t work (although I got a pop-up with a tick mark and the message “Your bookmarks and settings are ready”). Firefox bookmarks worked.

Well that’s certainly strange.
I’ll try to repro with other browsers.
In the meantime, try this:
Export your bookmarks from Brave like so:

This should produce an HTML file that has your bookmarks information. Now, open Brave Beta (ensure that you’ve closed/quit any Brave 0.24.0 processes) and instead of choosing “Brave” from the import options, select Bookmarks as HTML file:

Choose the file you exported in the previous step and import.
Let me know if this method properly imports the bookmarks.

Yes, that works. It’s a bit cumbersome. The result is a bookmarks bar full of favicons and in a font that is larger than the 0.24.0 version (see screenshots attached).

Well that’s strange…
Looking into this, will reply back with more information.

Thanks. All bookmarks have imported correctly, but the UX is poor (an additional step via HTML export/import, annoying favicons, and fonts that cannot be reduced).

Settings --> Appearance --> Customize Fonts allows you to adjust font size settings among others.

EDIT: Apologies but I guess i didn’t clarify, are you referring to Brave Beta or the live release?

I am referring to the font size of the bookmarks in the bookmark tabs of the Brave Browser Beta, which cannot be modified with the settings that you indicated. And I cannot remove the Favicons either.

Appreciate the feedback. I imagine this will address the problems:

Thanks, but I want to be able to deactivate the favicons and change the bookmark font size.

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@vdb @Mattches I think it’s related. I requested the bookmarks bar settings from the current Brave. This setting have text only option for bookmarks bar. Bookmarks bar - Decrease spacing and option