Bookmark page - add alphabetical sort option, add collapse and expand option for nested folders


I’m running Brave on a Macbook Pro.
Brave does not allow me to sort bookmarks in the bookmark page - alphabetically or otherwise. New ones are simply added to the end of the list (sorted chronologically by default). It would be great to be able to sort them alphabetically.

As an alternative, or another feature, I would like to be able to drag and drop them where I want in the list. At present, if I drag a folder I can’t place it in a new location between 2 existing folders. The only option available is to nest it within an existing folder.

Another bookmark page feature I’d like to see is the ability to collapse and expand nested folders. At present the bookmark page displays all folders as open, with no way to collapse nested folders.


Hi @Sobrave,
First, thanks for using Brave and for the feedback!

We have a request logged for this here

Also a logged request here

While I still searching for existing issue (cc @LaurenWags in case she know) , maybe you can try this:

On Bookmark Manager ( Ctrl + Shift + O ), drop the folder to Bookmark toolbar folder. It’ll move the folder to the last order, and so on. You can do this to all folder to re-order them.

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AFAIK everything @eljuno stated is correct :slight_smile: Also, something to keep in mind, I believe when we move to 1.0 (details here: ) we will inherit chromium bookmark manager instead of the muon one, which will solve many issues that folks are currently having.




Thanks for the reply.

Sorry I didn’t do a thorough search to find out if these requests had already been made.
I did try your suggestion of Ctrl + Shift + 0. It didn’t seem to do anything. I also tried variations to see if it was a little different than what you mentioned. I tried Shift + Opt + 0, Shift + Cmd. + 0, and all of those with an “O” instead of “0” but nothing seemed to make a difference.




Thanks Lauren!