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G’day ‘guys’,
I love the feel of Brave, however, after bringing over my Firefox bookmarks; I have a lot with sometimes sub folders, I have had no luck working out how to include new bookmarks into the folder dropdown list of my Firefox bookmarks. This could be because I have a TBI that has left me with no Working Memory, though my ‘IQ’ is still intact. The new book marks are sitting there in the menubar.


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Bookmarks take some effort and patience. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Locate and open Bookmarks - this will look different depending on whether you are using a PC or a Mac. This will open a new tab automatically.

  2. You’ll see two folders in the folders column: “Bookmarks Toolbar” and “Other Bookmarks”.

  3. Right click on “Other Bookmarks” to add folders and bookmarks one at a time.

  4. To add subfolders, make sure you are clicked on the folder you want the subfolder to be in and then right click to add a new folder. Same with bookmarks - make sure you click on the folder you want it to be in, because the dialog box won’t tell you where you are placing your folders or bookmarks; it only says “Bookmarks Toolbar,” which is inaccurate.

  5. Right now, everything seems to be manual copy and paste: titles of pages and links have to be inserted one at a time.
    I use a note program to copy and paste everything into, and then put the information in one item at a time.

  6. Folders cannot be dragged and dropped or put into any kind of order after they are made. The order they end up in is the order you make them up in initially. I try to make up folders I would like in alphabetical order prior to making subfolders or links.

  7. Unfortunately, the export option doesn’t seem to be working right now. So, if you are one who saves lots of links, then it may be best to save page titles and links into a note or document program.

I hope this helps. This is only my own personal experience and work around.


Bookmark sorting will also be implemented in a future.

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