Bookmark Orangization

In Bookmarks Manager, how does one set up folders so I can organize my saved bookmarks into the various folders.

@lostinusa which platform? Desktop? Android? iOS?

Desktop, Windows 10

When I try to import bookmarks I choose from Edge and it says it says “Done” but there is nothing showing in the bookmarks bar or in the bookmarks manager. I am using Windows 10. Also thanks.

@lostinusa thanks for the info.

  • On brave://bookmarks – Bookmarks manager, click 3 dots icon at upper right of the page. There you’ll find the option to “Add new folder”.
  • Or, on Bookmarks manager, you can right-click > Add new folder.

Once your folder created, you can select then drag and drop the bookmarks to any folder that you prefer.

Thank you for showing me the 3 dots. All done.

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