Bookmark Managing


Is there a way to bookmark the same URL within two separate bookmark folders?


At current, that would not appear to be possible with the desktop version.

May I ask, what is your motivation for having a duplicate bookmark?


I like to categorize as many things as possible in order to stay better organized. My bookmark folder tree would probably look a little intimidating to someone who doesn’t use bookmarks on a regular basis. For the most part I am able to save certain web articles / websites into niche folders, there have been a good handful of occasions when a certain URL would equally fit under two or three separate sub-folders. Instead of having to remember which sub-folder I put it in, it would be much nicer if I could copy it to multiple. I do a lot of researching and writing. When I’m going back through my sources, I often don’t remember specific articles, so when I’m looking back through I topic, I just navigate through my saved links within a subfolder.


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