Bookmark Manager: Persistent display of multiple instances of the same bookmark when there's actually only one

I raised this issue several months ago, but it was not resolved.
Since it’s so persistent, I’m trying again.
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Many searches in Bookmark Manager display duplicate or (even more often) multiple results.
One would think this is because I had saved the same bookmark more than once.
But when I click on ‘Show in folder’ for each one, they all display the same folder location.
Yet the folder displays the bookmark only once.
Very puzzling.

Is it possible that I did indeed save the same bookmark multiple times, but that Brave is only ‘remembering’ those multiple saves (including the folder location) as events, without ever actually having saved/logged the bookmark more than once?

Again, these apparent multiples instances in the search ‘hits’ are most often shown as being in the same bookmark folder, which when opened, displays only one instance of the bookmark.


Mac OS 10.14.3 (Mojave)
Brave Beta Version 1.30.68 Chromium: 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) beta (x86_64)


– All three of the bookmarks shown in the screenshot have exactly the same URL.
– When ‘Show in folder’ is clicked, they all show the same folder location.
– Once the folder is open, only one of these bookmarks (not the three listed) is displayed.


Another instance of this today:

– Searched for a bookmark in Bookmark Manager.
– Got three identical results (confirmed by checking the URL’s – all exactly the same).
– Checked the ‘folder’ location for each (all identical – i.e., shown as being in the same folder)
– Checked the 'folder ’ – only one instance of the bookmark.

Can I really be the only one experiencing this?


I think it’s very likely that you are because the issue is specific to something on your machine and/or in your browser.

There’s a small chance this is Sync related, but I’m 99% sure this is because of an extension you have installed in the browser. When you see these duplicate bookmarks, delete them so that there is only one. Or, go through your bookmarks and delete all the duplicates at once. Then see if the bookmarks duplicate themselves again.


Thanks, is there a possibility that because the Bookmarks feature doesn’t reject duplicates, multiples saved of bookmarks actually do occur – but bookmark folders are designed to reject any duplicates or multiples (even though the duplicates/multiples display as being in that same single folder when ‘Show in folder’ is selected in Bookmark Manager)?

I believe I did experiment with what you suggested and if, e.g., I had three of the same bookmark and deleted two I was left with one. But that doesn’t seem to shed any light on why duplicates/multiples that displayed as search results in Bookmark Manager all point to a single instance in a single folder.

I only have two extensions, both related specifically and only to tab management. Do you still think they could affect something in Bookmark Manager?

They could be – hard to tell.

I’m also not sure I understand what this means.


> I’m also not sure I understand what this means.

I was just harking back to the main issue, which is that when I run bookmark searches I shouldn’t find that I continuously get duplicate/multiple search hits that I then have to delete, when they all apparently ‘point to’ the same single bookmark in the same single folder.

How to test the extensions isn’t even clear to me since I don’t know when a bookmark is going to be duplicated or not. I don’t want to have to check every stored bookmark to see whether it has duplicates/multiples or not.

It’s tough when you’re reporting an issue that no one else seems to have.


But if you delete the duplicates, this behavior should eventually disappear right?


> But if you delete the duplicates, this behavior should eventually disappear right?

It would only disappear on the assumption that one or both extensions are the cause of the issue, despite having nothing to do with bookmarks, and that disabling them will stop the duplication from occurring.

Moreover, I need certain features of those extensions.

It seems to me I’d also have to go to great lengths – e.g., verifying that every bookmark I save isn’t already in one of my bookmarks folders before saving it. Otherwise, there’d be no way to tell whether the duplication occurred as a result of the ‘new’ save or because of a ‘former’ save of the bookmark.

Do you have Sync enabled at this time?


> Do you have Sync enabled at this time?

No, I only use Brave on a laptop.

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