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Brave’s Bookmark Manager is unusable. If the Brave team wants to fix this, try doing what Firefox has done with their bookmark manager. That is what is needed - a way to put things where the user wants them to be without hassle.

I imported my bookmarks from Firefox only to find that Brave will not let me organize them. I’ll give Brave another try if and when the Bookmark Manager is replaced with something usable.


Bookmark and bookmark folder can be moved around in the bookmark manager. It has the ability to drag and drop bookmarks and folders in any position that you wish to.

Is there anything specific that you referring to when you say to put things where the user wants them to be ?


Probably tags, keyword, and description, which exist on Firefox?


Hello, I’m new to Brave and am liking the browser so far. I’ve run into an issue with the Bookmark manager as well. I can modify bookmark order in the Bookmark Bar but can’t drag bookmarks to new folders, reorder folders or any other operation in the Bookmark Manager window. Is there a config I need to alter to allow this? Or is it a known bug already.

I’m running Brave on a mac air with 10.12.5 os.



I just downloaded brave for the first time, and absolutely agree with everyone here; the bookmark manager is completely unusable, and furthermore, sync managed to sync my folders, but not the enclosed bookmarks.

Even deleting unwanted bookmarks with brave is a painstaking process. Left click, highlight, right click, delete, and then next one; surely highlighting multiple bookmarks using ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Cmd’ isn’t coding rocket science…

Moving them around shouldn’t be that difficult.

One final desire, is that in browsers such as chrome, just the bookmarked site’s icon can be used instead of the text; this saves me a load toolbar real estate.

That said, love the concept.


Hi @entreevue,

I see this issue too. In previous version, it’s working well, so it’s a bug. :wink:
The issue is logged here and you can track the progress there. I added your comment to github issue too.

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Drag and drop in the Bookmark Manager is non-functional.

Drag and drop in a bookmark list (menu) occasionally works.

Management of bookmarks is all but impossible in the current release. (0.15.314)


Hi @wmeyer,

It’s a known issue. And the fix is planned to arrive by 0.16.x.

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Hi, I am using 0.16.9 on Windows 10 and still having bookmark problems. Was the bug fixed or are there still issues?


Hello, I’m a brand new Brave user. I imported my Chrome bookmarks and there are problems with managing them. First, I am unable to drag and reorganize any of the bookmarks in the manager. The individual bookmarks on the bar ended up in the wrong order, and I can’t fix it. 2nd, I am unable to add folders to the bookmarks bar. I have a half dozen or so folders with bookmark collections. The only folder up there is the “Imported Bookmarks” folder but I am unable to place any of the other up there. I really like Brave so far, but this bookmarks issue is a biggie for me. You said it would be fixed in version .16x. I have version .18.14. Is this still a problem needing to be fixed, or am I missing something? Thanks.


I also cannot use the bookmark manager. It constantly goes non-responsive and even when it does manage to allow me to move bookmarks around it takes forever for the changes to actually take effect with a long bogged down delay. This is critical functionality and I won’t be using the browser in this state.


@MarR @MurrayB this is certainly still an issue. We have some fixes coming which will change the way we store and retrieve bookmarks under the covers which should help with speed. We’re also in the midst of reviewing the interactions on the Bookmarks Manager page.


@Promethian how many bookmarks are you using? Also how much memory does your system have for use?

General questions for everyone above ^ :

  1. How frequently do you edit/move bookmarks? Is it only right after import or is there some grooming process you do regularly?

  2. What is the context for editing/moving bookmarks? Is it for work, like trying to organize workflow or personal, like trying to organize for research?

Thanks for the feedback! We really want to make this better.


I have a very new system, memory is not a problem. I use my bookmarks for personal, and use the Bookmarks Bar quite heavily. I keep sites I want to get to quickly and frequently on there. The folders on my BB are collections that go together, like medical/health or photography sites, and some folders for research, as in genealogy, vintage toys, etc. “Other” Bookmarks are those I want to save for finding easily later on if I need them,though not nearly as frequently used. "Other Bookmarks also contains Individual links and more folders, for instance one for “Computer” and tech issues. I use the Manager like a file cabinet to keep it all organized and clean it out every now and then.

The specific issues I’ve had in Brave with bookmarks are as follows: When I imported from Chrome, they all came in one folder on the BB, which is fine. It’s when I tried to move them to the bar directly out of the “Imported from Chrome” folder that I ran into issues. I’m use to being able to just drag and drop the links. I can’t move anything around within the manager itself, nor can I expand or collapse the folders. Also, in the Manager the folders do not even show up in the right hand column. They ARE in the left column, but only individual link will show up in the right column, no folders that are withing the parent folders. I am unable to just move any entire folder to the BB. I HAVE found a way to do what I want, but instead of just moving a folder, I"m having to create a new one on the BB and then move the links to the new folder. Time consuming, but doable. Today I have discovered that I AM able to move things around on the BB itself, it’s the Manager where things don’t work correctly. Again, very time consuming and clunky, but doable.Thank you for looking into this issue! I really am liking this browser very much so far.


Hi, i dont know why, but i cant click on the first bookmark of a folder in my bookmarks bar. The others bookmarks works well. The problem is just the first one.

Anybody’s having the same problem?


Hi @diogokobbi,

Please take a look at this thread: (SOLVED) [Bug Report] Bookmark Folder Top Item Bug
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@eljuno Hi, please, please include keywords for the bookmarks. It speeds up browsing exponentially. Is this under active consideration?


Hi @Primer,

Bookmarks tagging currently not available. This request is logged here:

I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress there.
Thank you,


Drag and drop of bookmarks in the bookmark manager not working for me either. And I’m using 0.18. Thought this would be fixed by now.

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