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Bookmark Editing & Import
How can this issue be reproduced? —-> Easy just follow the description below.

1.Editing - Pull up bookmarks, click on pen icon to edit, select bookmark to edit, in this case it is saving the bookmark to a newly created folder, select folder, select ‘Save’ at top right hand corner. Bookmark screen returns to top level - that’s ok - - HOWEVER - - Brave is now out of edit mode and you must reselect the edit pen icon, bottom right corner, to edit or re-enter edit mode. This should not happen. If you select edit you should stay in edit mode until you have completed your edits and then select ‘Done’

  1. Bookmark import iOS - I’ve searched for (both in Brave menus, settings, etc., Brave forums, and on the Internet) for a way to import Safari bookmarks into Brave and have found nothing. Yet in desktop mode on Linux or MacOS there are ways to do this. This is lacking in iOS. I think all can agree that Safari being the defacto web browser from Apple (in all of their products) is where most people will originally work and save bookmarks or favorites or resend them from iCloud. I would love to quit using Safari and switch entirely to Brave but cannot because of all my saved and organized bookmarks in Safari. There needs to be a way to import Safari bookmarks and folder structure into Brave under iOS 13.

Expected result: - see description above

Brave Version( check About Brave): Latest release on the Apple App Store V1.13 (

Additional Information: My Brave environment is iPAD PRO 12.9”, iOS 13.1.3, selecting Brave to run is desktop mode.

When you click on save that finishes editing mode so you are returned back to bookmarks in view mode and not in edit mode. This is by design. Done is only to come out of Bookmarks page and not to be confused with edit mode. We can probably rename it to close to avoid the confusion

This feature is not available due to restrictions from Apple on how Safari works. The best option is to have your desktop sync with mobile to get the bookmarks on both devices


Thank you for the update – especially concerning Apple – I wonder why you can under MacOS and not iOS?

As to Editing – I respectfully submit that you missed the point entirely – You should be able to make multiple edits WITHOUT having to exit the editing mode until you are finished. Doing one edit -> requiring one save to complete – then
having to re-enter edit mode is tedious - and after a while frustrating. Since current edit behavior is by design, I offer that you should canvas your users to see just how many would like to see a change. I bet you change.

I wish Brave success but I think I will delete it. Bookmarks are too much of headache with Brave.

Thank you for your time and for your reply,


Its a different landscape on Mobile as compared to desktop. Mobile has more restrictions for implementing importing as Apple restricts certain API’s that’s only available on desktop.

Regarding edit I added a new issue for implementing bulk edit mode. Please track the issue here

I’ll go ahead and close the thread for now. Please open a new thread for any other suggestions that you have so that we can go over it and implement it to improve the app