Bookmark icons loosing the image

Hi!. I Love Brave! Wonderful!

Please check the Bookmark Icons,. because they lost the image and I need to restore them using the Bookmark manager.

But everything is amazing!


Hi @Vlado,

Can you elaborate more about this? Also provide your Brave version, OS, and steps to reproduce your report.


Hi! eljuno.

See the attached image

When I open the brave again, the image of the icon in the bar of my favorites disappears

Thanks for the info @Vlado,

  • Is this from imported bookmarks or it’s a bookmarks that created with Brave?
  • Also, did clicking and visiting the bookmarks load the favicon (in bookmarks bar) correctly?
  • And can you try Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + B to hide/unhide the bookmarks bar?

Sometimes I have some favicon not loaded correctly when I open Brave (because slow connection). But 2 and 3 will help to load it.

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