Bookmark icons - iOS app (iOS12 related)

Some sites that used to have bookmark icons in the Brave iOS browser (e.g.,, no longer have them. This problem occurred after the iOS12 upgrade.

Does the icon reappear if you load the site?

No. They never reappear. I just checked and there is no change. These three sites (and others) behave exactly the same.

Do you see letters for the site that is bookmarked? If so then the favicon available for the site might be of lower resolution resulting in a pixelated icon hence it gets replaced with the letter. I see the same for all three sites you have mentioned. Here’s a screenshot of it on iOS 12

In fact I see the same on iOS 11.4.1 as well. Its probably an issue with the favicon served by the site


The low resolution doesn’t seem to be a problem for the tabs of the macOS version of Brave.

The size of favicon in tabs is different than the ones on favourites/bookmarks. The fallback letter shown for Bookmarks and favourites is by design.

It would be nice if this choice could be optional, rather than enforced.

I think that what @sriram is pointing out is that Brave isn’t electing to use the “letters” shown instead of the proper icons. Rather, since the icons themselves would display as low resolution/pixelated, Brave elects to display the letter instead so that everything looks clean and visible.

Making this a user option would lead to messy/inconsistent icons if the icons being looked at are incompatible in size or any other relevant metric.