Bookmark Folder Bug - 1st Listed Site Will not Open & Cannot Be Deleted


There is a bug in the bookmarks bar folders. The first site added to the folder cannot be

  1. Deleted
  2. Edited,
  3. Opened.

All other sites add 2nd, 3rd, and so forth, can be deleted, edited, or opened. The only way to get rid of the 1st site in the folder is to delete the entire folder.



Per the posting guidelines please provide the requisite info so we can investigate in an efficient manner.




@Bulldozer66 same like Bookmark Bar problem in Brave 0.15.310 which first entry is can not be selected?

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I’m not a developer. Just a user who cares and is rooting for Brave’s success. Thank you for sharing the posting guidelines. I’ll do my best:

Brave 0.19.53
Windows 10
Shield Settings are out of the box, no revisions
Step by step:

  1. Bookmarks/Bookmarks Toolbar is CHECKED
  2. Right-clicked on the Bookmarks Toolbar and selected ADD FOLDER
  3. In the NEW BOOKMARKS popup, named my folder “NEWS SITES”
  4. Opened three news sites. Ex. CNN-dot-com, BBC-dot-com, (I’m new user, so restricted about websites).
  5. Clicked on the BOOKMARKS STAR next to the website name in the address bar, and then added the news site to my newly created “NEWS SITES” folder.
  6. Opened my NEWS SITES folder on my BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR, and they were all listed in the folder. However, the site listed at the top of the list, could not be opened, edited, nor deleted.
  7. I have tried this several times with different folder names, sites, etc. IN EVERY INSTANCE, the site listed at the top of the folder list could not be opened, edited, nor deleted.


Hi @Bulldozer66,

I believe your issue is same like this report Bookmark Bar problem in Brave 0.15.310 where user can’t select first item in bookmark folder on bookmarks bar.

It’s a known issue. A temporary workaround is to having tab under folder you want to open.
Hope this can help until a fix is there.



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