Bookmark features


Using mouse scroll button(single click) is really useful when opening new page from bookmarks, without closing bookmark tabs you can keep opening bookmarked pages.

Also i was using my bookmarks with only icons without their names and at Brave they all are just blank without icon, so i am having hard times converting Brave to my default browser just because of that.

I had lots of bookmarks at chrome and imported to Brave, there is no “>>” thing at the end of shelf where i can see the bookmarks cant fit to bar because of amount.

Imported bookmarks are not automaticly fitting to bar, instead they are gathered in single folder and i couldnt find a way to move to bar. Managed to move single bookmark folders one by one but single page bookmars i had at shelf are impossible to.

I hope those will be helpful, sorry if those were already reported.

Love you guys!

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