Bookmark comment idea proposal

As part of my specialized research incorporating a lot of informations, I do a lot of researchs on the Internet. I therefore use a large quantity of bookmarks (or favourites) which I classify in a large tree structure. But it is not always easy for me to remember the exact use that I can make of certain pages indicated by bookmarks. (For example, on this internet page, what is the signification of this technical indicator on this asset class ? I have forgotten !..) I think it would be beneficial to be able to save not only a link to a page, but also a comment about it, so that I remember not only which bookmark it is, but also its relevance to my field of work. That’s why I invite you to develop a feature called Bookmark Comment. For example, it could correspond to this following type of implementation:

In :
Settings → Appearance → Allow and show comments of bookmarks

If bookmark comments are allowed and displayed
if the mouse pointer is over a bookmark
and if the comment of the bookmark is different from null and blank
then display the bookmark comment at the very top of the window

In the function of saving and modifying a bookmark:
If bookmark comments are allowed and displayed
display a “Comment” line
display an enterable field for the possible recording of the bookmark comment