Bookmark bug(Unable to click the first bookmark)


I’m loving this browser so far, but there some issues with the bookmark bar. As shown in the screenshot, I am having trouble selecting the very top favorited links in each folder, the only way to click it is that I have to hover my cursor exactly on border the separates the tab and the bookmark bar.

Only able to highlight and select if my cursor touches the border that separates the tab and the bookmark bar

Edit: Now I have to hover the cursor right towards the bottom edge of the first bookmark, where it meets the top edge of the second bookmark. It seems that every time the browser is closed and reopened, you have to find a new spot to select the first bookmark.

Also if I tried right clicking the top link instead of opening a selection that displays " edit/delete" the bookmark, it selects the brave browser itself(such as showing Restore/Minimize/Close). I wish I could show I screenshot for this but I’m a new user.

As far as the favicons not showing, I imported the bookmarks from google chrome, and the way I was able to bring the favicons back is to click on the favorited links in the bookmarks(This is no big deal for me, but just in case if the developers want to fix the issue of preserving the favicons when importing from chrome).
Edit: If the favicon fails to appear, keep clicking that bookmark and/or refreshing that page until it appears. If that fails, deleting that bookmark and favoriting it again tends to work.

Anyways looking forward for more updates and keep up the good work,


Same issue. I’ve seen this topic pop up on these forums since last year. Please fix this one asap. Thank you!


This is a known issue. We have an issue logged for it and can be tracked here

For a buggy workaround you can open a new tab below the folder that will allow you to click the first bookmark.

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Duplicate of Bookmark Bar problem in Brave 0.15.310.