Bookmark Bar No text should be Favicon Only



So, when you create a bookmark, you have the option to add a “Title” to the bookmark so that’s what it shows on the bar. Easy, makes sense, but when you don’t have one, it sets that bookmark to be the URL, it’s unbelievably ugly and takes up an incredibly stupid amount of space on the bar. Firefox/Chrome both do not have this issue, and there’s no reason Brave Browser should either.

When you don’t have a Title, make it blank, and just show the Favicon. Even if this is just implemented as an optional setting, I would greatly appreciate it.



Hi @SirGaff,

If you only want to have favicon for all of your bookmarks, please check Preferences/Settings > General > Bookmarks bar.

But if you want to have a mix of favicon only and favicon + text, you can leave single space as bookmark title. That is a temporary workaround.
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