Bookmark and History Will NOT SYNC!

I’ve cross-verified, relaunched the browsers, clicked all the buttons, and they. Will. Not. Sync!

I am working with Windows 11, running Brave and an iPhone, with the Brave app installed.

It is essential that they sync, I am wiping and reinstalling my operating system and will lose everything, if they do not.

What is the point of a feature that doesn’t execute its point?

Do I have any other options, to back up this data or connect it to an email account, as Google allows?

@Brighteyed Bookmarks should sync. History is only to websites you have typed in the address, it won’t sync full history. Passwords between Windows and iPhone sync but then can’t really be used on iPhone. It’s a weird thing because Apple doesn’t have Brave listed as one that can autofill in security thing.

Just to be clear, you have everything done as instructed at links below, where they are definitely on the same sync chain and they both have the same settings enabled on what they can sync, right?

Also you have made sure that they are both using the most recent version of Brave?

Yes, both are the latest, I said ‘history and bookmarks’ but meant ‘history and open tabs.’ The settings are the same.

If that’s on for both and on same sync chain, definitely should be syncing. But again, might not be the way you’re thinking.

Will only sync if you typed in the full URL.

So like if I use my PC to type in and visit this site. Then I click on different topics, such as this one. When I go to check the History on my iPhone, it will show but it will not show because I did not type that link in.

This means anything you visit using Favorites, Bookmarks, clicking links, or whatever will not show in synced history.

Open Tabs

If you expect this to have open tabs on your device, you’re thinking wrong. What this does it let you view open tabs. If you’re on Windows, you have to go to History and then Tabs from other devices and you’ll see a list of things open on your iPhone.

From your iPhone, you would need to act like you’re changing tabs, so hit the little square thing with the number. On the top right you’ll see an icon that looks like a computer with a phone in front of it, which will be Tabs from Other Devices. If you click on it, then all tabs you have open on other devices will be visible.

It’s also important to note that the tabs only send out signals to sync every 5 minutes. So if you expect it to be visible instantly, that’s not going to happen. It tends to be quicker to bookmark and pull it up than it does for it to show on tabs from other devices, but it’s all a roll of the dice.

Can you verify if this is what you’re looking at? I want to make sure you’re expecting the right behavior and whether nothing is happening or what your experiencing.

What I can tell you is I’m using a Windows 11 and an iPhone running iOS 16.6. They are syncing with absolutely no issues. Every once in a while (rare issue) my iPhone will bug out and show like I’m not synced when I go to check tabs from other devices, but I usually just have to wait the few minutes for the next sync thing to go through and then it pops up.