Bnb did not arrive in my wallet

I’ve sent bnb to my brave wallet from my trust one… But i did not receive it… I have the transfer register to confirm

Perhaps you could share the transaction hash so we can help look it up on Etherscan and see what it shows there.

Here is the transaction hash:

Looks like 0.007038570645146091 BNB was sent successfully. perhaps a rounding issue on the display is not showing it?

If you think you sent more you might want to go to brave://settings/wallet and then click on networks and double click to edit the network for BSC. Perhaps the decimal place values is wrong.

i dont think so. when I go to the ‘swap operation’ option I select my BNB and click on the 100% option to exchange everything I have for BAT. although the number of decimal places increases to four, my coin amount still doesn’t show up. Unfortunately I think I lost my money, it was better to have left what I had in the trust wallet

If it’s in the Trust wallet it is still there. Could you check your network settings in brave://settings/wallet double click on the BNB Binance Chain entry. What is the decimals field there?

Hey man, thank you for your patience and your help. I’ve solved the problem and my bnb’s is in my walllet as they should be. God bless u!

That’s Great to hear!