Blur - Privacy app, masked emails, credit cards, pass manger and more


This application is a life saver. With everyone and their grandma trying to build an email list, blur lets u give randomly generated throw away emails which you can give to sites, and recieve their emails to your core email account. But block them with one click. Protects privacy from email username being public and automates the process by offering input options on email input fields.

It does a ton more tho, blocks tracking cookies and other such software, and is also a password manager.

It can even mask phone numbers and creditcards in a similar way as it does with emails, tho those are pro features.

This app is a big enough deal for me that it might be the reason I go back to chrome for a while. unless I find another way to mask my email addresses.

Ultimatedly, I hope Brave finds a more effective way to screen apps, tho this manual process may be the most secure.


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