Blur issue while clicking to additional setiing

i have found a bug on brave setting page where i have face blur issue while clicking on additional setting the text of left side panel will become blur i dont know this is your feature and why this is happening but seriously this is major issue or bug. text of whole setting option will become blur.
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@rahulmalhotra17 Can you provide more info about your issue? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

i have created one poc on this please find attached pdf. and hope this will helpful to you and i hope for the appreciation .thanks

this image is very clear and no issue but when i click on the additional settings .

if you see the additional setting page carefully you found that the text of this panel is very blury.

this bug is continuously appeared and in all of the brave version includes this issue.

hope this will help you. [quote=“eljuno, post:2, topic:86166, full:true”]
@rahulmalhotra17 Can you provide more info about your issue? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the info, @rahulmalhotra17.

Can you try disable “Hardware acceleration” in Brave’s Settings? In case it can help solve your issue.

Also, you may want to update your Brave. It’s a bit outdated. New version is released a few days ago. Release Channel v0.69.132

yes i have done all of the troubleshoot steps but this isn’t solved yet this is bug if you can see the latest update it also has this issue . hardware acceleration is disable you can check it your own just go to setting and see the side panel .

see i have attached the ss with latest update

Are you using Windows 7 or Win 10?