Bluetooth not working on Brave Browser

Hi I have an external speaker on my Mac computer. It connects through Bluetooth. I have just begun to use Brave but Bluetooth is not even showing on the top menu. How do I switch bluetooth on?
Thanks I appreciate advice.

@NicolettaL ,

Show Bluetooth in menu bar (Mac OS 10.12.n “Sierra”):


You might also want to look at, in a New Window:


Thanks for responding

Hmm hopefully this link will take you to the photo I uploaded. Let me know.

brave://settings/content/sound is not working.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 12.28.52

@NicolettaL ,

“brave://settings/content/sound is not working.” – the “is not working” part of your sentence . . . I am uncertain of your meaning, in the context of:

@NicolettaL ,

You originally asked: How do I switch bluetooth on?

You DO NOT need a Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) connection, in order to connect a Bluetooth device, nor, in order to turn ON Bluetooth, nor, in order to display the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.

The Bluetooth screenshot that I included, above (my reply 2), is of the Bluetooth window that results by clicking on System Preferences > Bluetooth (icon among the many icons of System Preferences):

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 2.31.16 AM

Apple instructions, re Bluetooth icon in menu bar:

MacWorld article:

the link is not taking me to the page you posted above. It is not working?

Thanks Bluetooth is working on other browsers. I know how to get it to work but it is not working on the Brave Browser. Maybe it’s because I have firefox up as well since the brave browser isn’t quite functioning yet and am unable to work on it.

I am unable to find the sound icon anywhere. When I use search the link you gave in settings it does not take me to this page. Thanks.

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