Bluetooth headphones don 't work on Youtube when restarting


I have Bluetooth headphones that don’t work on Youtube in Brave browser when I
shutdown my Bluetooth and restart my headphones while Brave is still running and
the browser is on youtube website.

Dear Brave Team,

Please rectify this problem.

a fan of your Brave Browser


I followed your steps and was using Bragi bluetooth buds on OS X with Brave 0.14.0, I could not reproduce the issue.


I tried it as well on OS X with Brave 0.14.0 and bluetooth headset Sennheiser Urbanite and I can’t reproductive either. If you do the same steps in other browsers, is working correctly? I am thinking that it can be OS thing.


I’ll test it this weekend. If it’s OS then let them know.
Thanks for the feedback.

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